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Parker's Platoon, Donate to our Combat Veterans
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Your donations go a long way! We had a supporter call us in tears because they could only afford to donate $10 a month, but it was important for them to support their fellow Veterans. We are here to let you know that every amount counts. We value making an impact where, when, and to who needs it the most, and to show you how your support is changing lives. For instance, that $10 a month goes towards providing coffee and a snack for those who come into our Platoon Hut in need, while we tell them all the ways we can help them out that day, and in the future.


Average cost of a Fully Trained Service Dog.


Average monthly cost to feed a family with a Service Dog.


Average cost to host a wellness event for disabled Veterans.

Your donation

Making an impact in someone's life that gave us our freedom. 


Parker's Platoon, Donate to our Combat Veterans


Please consider our goals when making a donation, or signing up to be a monthly sponsor.

We deeply appreciate your support.

Donate to Parker's Platoon


Help us buy the building we operate out of. This hugely important space would allow us to continue to provide shelter, meals, storage space for deployed troops, and a safe space for those who walk in through our doors.

Donate to Parker's Platoon


Our tour boat got destroyed in the 2021 Grand Lake fire, and we need a new/used one so we can resume our boat & fishing tours, and outdoor therapy events. We find that water events are particularly healing.

Donate to Parker's Platoon


One of our most popular and fun events and retreats entails taking injured veterans and those about to be deployed out on snowmobile tours. At the moment we only have one snowmobile, but we could really use another three.

Donate to Parker's Platoon


After we help partner Veterans with a Service Dog, those dogs still need care. From veterinarian care, food, vests, grooming, and additional training. This costs about $3K per dog, per year.

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