01 January 2018

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Co-Founder: NHL Stanley Cup Champion Scott "The Sheriff" Parker

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Jan 26-28 Three Lakes ice Fishing Touney, Grand Lake, CO 

Soup Kitchen at Parkers Platoon Clubhouse- 5am cawfee and soup/Chili starting at 10:30am


​NHL Stanley Cup Champion #27 Scott Parkers'  501c3 Parkers Platoon - We're a non-profit organization bringing a "Team Room" concept pairing Combat Vets and retired Pro Athletes- fostering their WARrior spirit and their transition together. "There is no right feeling, no wrong Pain" 

“From Col. Richard B. O’Connor, II, “thank you both for your passion and conviction to supporting our military. We are so honored to know you. It was a great night I will never forget.

Col. Richard B. O’Connor, II


Col. Richard B. O'Connor, II,

United States Army

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Eventbrite - "Holes for Heroes" - Ice Fishing Tournament

"theres no right feeling, no wrong pain"

Our programs are designed specifically with the needs of each individual veteran in our platoon. Our programs function by enabling  Combat veterans to make the most of their physical abilities, working with their unique skill sets, and help them to overcome any physical and psychological restrictions so that they can follow their individual passions.


​​March 3-4  2018

Holes for Heroes Ice-Fishing tournament in Grand Lake, Co sponsored by Granby Bait & Tackle